Lashes, lashes, and lashes

My mom recently discovered some lashes from the dollar store of all places and she brought a pair for me to try.

Obviously I was a little skeptic to try them, considering I was no where near familiar with the brand or the quality. Well well local dollar store and Select Lashes, you have made a fan out of me.

I wore S47 a couple of weeks ago, applied with some DUO glue (of course) and they wore so well that I forgot I had them on. I had my mom pick me up another style over the weekend, S66, and I can’t wait to wear them. Who knew you didn’t have to pay $7 to $15 for lashes?

Just a couple of days ago I was at CVS and picked up some lashes by Revlon. I was completely unaware that Revlon made lashes. I immediately grabbed the last pair that they had and now awaiting the perfect event to wear them to.

What are some of your most favorite pair of lashes?


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