Casual style

I love denim shirts. You definitely can wear this look do a day date or to the mall. The fringe bag is super overpriced but it’s so amazing. I’m sure you could find one similar from thrifting or good ol Forever 21. And black shorts go with everything so it’s a win!

Casual style


DIY: Dip Dye

Yesterday, I decided to do a little dip dye to some white shirts. I stumbled upon the tutorial on Free People’s blog. It’s quick, easy and doesn’t even in a huge mess.

I used Rit Dye instead of the Dylon as suggested and a bucket instead of a glass pan (worked exactly the same).

Once you have all of your supplies…

Mix a quarter of the dying powder into the tray or bucket with 4 cups of warm water and 4 tablespoons of salt. Once the powder has dissolved, fill the tray or bucket up with water to make a very dilute color. Soak the bottom of the tee so the color will trail up it nicely.

I just want to dye everything now!!

What’s in her purse?

Today, I present you with a new feature!

I reached out to Sammy at HowToRunInStilettos to see what a fast paced women like herself had in her purse.

  • What are the top 3 things you keep in your purse?

-My top three essentials would have to be my phone- It is practically my extra limb, never leaving my sight.

-My Wayne cooper wallet- It holds everything! , a perfect accessory for a night out.

-My Tiffany & Co moonstone sunglasses- They are the perfect accessory for any outfit, no matter the season.

  • How long have you been carrying this purse?

-I bought this Guess bag about four years ago, I use it off and on. [Sometimes] forgetting that it’s there and then feeling as though I’ve just found buried treasure after re-digging it out of my wardrobe. Lately though, I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks. It’s small, but surprisingly fits a lot.

  • What does your purse say about you? 

The thing I love most about this bag, is that it isn’t outdated- yet! The fabric is embellished with gold accents which have been woven thoughout, as well as the gold clasps and buckles. This represents me as I am a girl who definitely loves the finer things in life. I love being pampered and getting dressed up. This aspect, contrasted with the chunky chain also reflects my alternative side. My style is like a chameleon; it changes depending on my mood and inspirations for the day (or throughout it!)

  • What is uniquely you in your purse? Photos? A memento?

-I think all the contents of my purse defines who I am, if you were to ask my friends what they thought their answers would be “typical Sam!”. The bag itself is a momento I am very proud of. I bought this with my very first paycheck from my first job when I was 15. The style book was just given to me recently by my best friend, its purpose is to help organise my thoughts into pre-sectioned categories including ones like “style icons to watch”, I take this with me everywhere- you never know when inspiration will strike!

There are so many more things in my purse that is absolutely uniquely me, however, it is the Tiffany&Co sunglasses that take the cake. These were purchased on a trip to America (I’m Australian by the way!) with my mum, we instantly fell in love with New York, which is where the Tiffany&Co shop was where I got these. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life (the trip- although Tiffany’s was pretty incredible as well), everytime I wear them, it takes me back.

  • How often do you clean out and change your purse?

-I don’t have a specific time frame for when I do this, usually it’s when something shiny and new comes along, or when I need something specific to match my outfit. As for the clean out – I’m pretty sure you could still find reciepts from when I first got the bag in there.

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Clutch on for dear life

I never have been a fan of clutches, probably because I carry everything sometimes including the kitchen sink in my purse. But it is hard when you go out and you have on a wonderful dress and nothing to carry your lipstick in. Also considering the fact that I’m kinda forgetful, I’d probably sit in down somewhere and lose my identity.

I do really enjoy this “Suede Croc Stud Clutch” from Asos. I have really been all about suede lately. It’s Spring/Summer time I know, I know. It retails for $30. You can’t beat that price.

There is something odd that I like about this “Mermaid Holographic Zip” by Topshop. It can so quickly become trashy and a big no no but I like it. Maybe I’ll comb my hair with a fork whilst holding it.

Again with the suede. I enjoy the look of envelope clutches but they tend to be smaller and a flat (obviously). I love the Aldo Virga Clutch Bag with the contrast color block design. And it’s only $20 so it makes me want it even more.


I absolutely am so excited for this event next week. I have been a huge fan of NARS since high school and to be able to attend a free lecture by their Director of Global Artistry for NARS Cosmetics is blowing my mind. The fact that is in NYC sends my excitement over the top.

I will be sure to sneak a couple of pictures and share my excitement along the way.

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The Closet Freak

I was recently made aware of a trendy vintage new online hot spot by the name of “The Closet Freak”, founded by stylist and shopaholic Jennifer Dawn of beautiful Los Angeles California.

They specialize in women’s clothing, accessories and in the near shoes as well. They pride themselves in being diverse and they want to make sure that they are giving you all aspects of fashion.

Closet Freak serves as a platform to encourage women to express themselves with confidence. All products are one of a kind and some are creatively tweaked and customized.

Here are a couple of items I’m obsessed with on the site. (Click the picture to go directly to the site)

The are looking to hire some social media interns! Please email, your cover letter and resume to apply.