Clutch on for dear life

I never have been a fan of clutches, probably because I carry everything sometimes including the kitchen sink in my purse. But it is hard when you go out and you have on a wonderful dress and nothing to carry your lipstick in. Also considering the fact that I’m kinda forgetful, I’d probably sit in down somewhere and lose my identity.

I do really enjoy this “Suede Croc Stud Clutch” from Asos. I have really been all about suede lately. It’s Spring/Summer time I know, I know. It retails for $30. You can’t beat that price.

There is something odd that I like about this “Mermaid Holographic Zip” by Topshop. It can so quickly become trashy and a big no no but I like it. Maybe I’ll comb my hair with a fork whilst holding it.

Again with the suede. I enjoy the look of envelope clutches but they tend to be smaller and a flat (obviously). I love the Aldo Virga Clutch Bag with the contrast color block design. And it’s only $20 so it makes me want it even more.


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