One for One

Early Saturday morning, my mom and I went to the TOMS Sample Sale.

I did some researching online beforehand to see what prices were last year and definitely knew I had to be there.

Standing in line for 4hrs was completely worth the unique TOMS we both came home with.

My 7 items gave 7 kids a pair of shoes!


Double denim Saturday.

Yesterday, I went up to Pasdenda from my friends graduation from Cal State LA. So very much proud of her.

It had been a while since I’d been to LA. I knew it was going to be warm so I decided to try the denim on denim look, which I love to pieces.


I went on a hunt looking for a denim shirt, and found some at Walmart for $10. I had to return something at Forever 21, and saw that they are selling the exact same denim shirt for about $17. Tsk tsk. So I decided to make mine unique and bleached it. I picked up this beautiful coral necklace as an exchange. The shorts were a previous purchase from there a couple weeks back. I also was so excited to wear my Mary Roks by Jeffrey Campbell. I’ve had them for about a little over a year and one have worn they once before.

Be sure to hype my look on by clicking the picture!


Previously I posted about a nail polish from a seller on Etsy, Pretty and Polished. I read great things about her polish and I have seen wonderful pictures of her polishes on various nail blogs.

The first time I wore it, was too impressed with the consistency but it looked great for a couple of days and I did get plenty of compliments on it.

I figured I’d give it another try and pair it with another polish to add some flare, OPI’s Hawaiian Orchid.

I loved how it gave it a bubblegum feel or actually is more of a speckled Robin egg but it’s not Easter.

I haven’t decide if I will try other homemade nail polishes but I am curious to see what is available.