Milk Proteins?

While I was working at Sephora, I would lust over Korres’ cleansing and makeup remover wipes. Yesterday while out and about a found them at Marshall’s for half of the price. Of course I couldn’t pass that up!


I am already a big fan of Korres to begin with. I currently use their Quercetin & Oak Primer, Lip Butter Glaze, and Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturizing & Brightening Cream.

Last night I put this wipes to the test!

These wipes are filled with softening milk proteins which effortlessly eliminate eye makeup. The milk proteins, rich in essential amino acids, nourish and moisturize the skin, while aloe soothes the skin from redness and irritations. I love that the wipes weren’t extremely saturated but still got the job done.


JC x LA.

I am sitting out on my porch typing this because it is beyond hot in my little apartment.

Moving on, Saturday was one of the greatest days of my year.

I have been a big time supporter of Johnny Cupcakes for more over 3 years now and yesterday I got the chance to meet the man himself. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to meet him, free ice cream and a free cupcake!

His story is more than inspirational and I encourage you to read more about him, if you have the chance.

He took time out to share some of his knowledge with me. I thought it was so amazing and special that every person that came up to him, he hugged, signed something, and shared a story with them. He is more than a brand, he is a real person that makes to make it in the world.

My makeup was simple considering the heat is always ten times worst in LA and no one likes a sweaty girl. Well unless you are into that kind of thing.

Mani Monday

First, I am so sorry I haven’t posted in weeks.

I am in between about 3-4 different DIYs – Sewing up my TOMS, making earrings and bracelets, and probably something else!

This weekend I picked up a  MAC nail polish from their winter “Glitter and Ice” collection with Johnny Weir. I’ve been doing solid colors on my nails for a couple of weeks now and I wanted something different.

I went with “Unconditionally Fabulous”.

I’m curious to see how long this polish lasts as a first time user.