What’s in her purse?

Today, I present you with a new feature!

I reached out to Sammy at HowToRunInStilettos to see what a fast paced women like herself had in her purse.

  • What are the top 3 things you keep in your purse?

-My top three essentials would have to be my phone- It is practically my extra limb, never leaving my sight.

-My Wayne cooper wallet- It holds everything! , a perfect accessory for a night out.

-My Tiffany & Co moonstone sunglasses- They are the perfect accessory for any outfit, no matter the season.

  • How long have you been carrying this purse?

-I bought this Guess bag about four years ago, I use it off and on. [Sometimes] forgetting that it’s there and then feeling as though I’ve just found buried treasure after re-digging it out of my wardrobe. Lately though, I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks. It’s small, but surprisingly fits a lot.

  • What does your purse say about you? 

The thing I love most about this bag, is that it isn’t outdated- yet! The fabric is embellished with gold accents which have been woven thoughout, as well as the gold clasps and buckles. This represents me as I am a girl who definitely loves the finer things in life. I love being pampered and getting dressed up. This aspect, contrasted with the chunky chain also reflects my alternative side. My style is like a chameleon; it changes depending on my mood and inspirations for the day (or throughout it!)

  • What is uniquely you in your purse? Photos? A memento?

-I think all the contents of my purse defines who I am, if you were to ask my friends what they thought their answers would be “typical Sam!”. The bag itself is a momento I am very proud of. I bought this with my very first paycheck from my first job when I was 15. The style book was just given to me recently by my best friend, its purpose is to help organise my thoughts into pre-sectioned categories including ones like “style icons to watch”, I take this with me everywhere- you never know when inspiration will strike!

There are so many more things in my purse that is absolutely uniquely me, however, it is the Tiffany&Co sunglasses that take the cake. These were purchased on a trip to America (I’m Australian by the way!) with my mum, we instantly fell in love with New York, which is where the Tiffany&Co shop was where I got these. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life (the trip- although Tiffany’s was pretty incredible as well), everytime I wear them, it takes me back.

  • How often do you clean out and change your purse?

-I don’t have a specific time frame for when I do this, usually it’s when something shiny and new comes along, or when I need something specific to match my outfit. As for the clean out – I’m pretty sure you could still find reciepts from when I first got the bag in there.

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